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Trends in the Chinese Online Education Industry Trends in the Chinese Online Education IndustryComments Off

The Increase of China on the net Training Market place

Income of online training sector in China achieved 84 billion Yuan in 2013, with a 19.9%-growth from 2012, based on the 2013-2014 China On-line Education Report unveiled by iResearch.

The huge Potential of China on the internet Education Market place

The 3 key engines are as follows: elementary on the net instruction, on-line vocational instruction and on the internet bigger education. Larger education’s share has actually been declining a little bit but keeps booming.

Inside the total current market, on-line bigger education’s share has been declining carefully nevertheless it keeps booming. Online education and learning field is predicted to help keep a secure progress as a result of new events these kinds of as information producer, technological know-how company and system builder which happen to be progressively entering into this sector, plus the building of users’ pattern. Online vocational schooling and language studying will primarily add a lot more to on line instruction market due to their users’ powerful desire and large usage power.



The Increase of  the internet Education and learning end users

According to iResearch information, online training users achieved 67,2 million in China, that has 13,8%-growth from 2013.

Because of the growth of internet surfers and forming of on the internet studying habit, the online education and learning person range is expected to achieve 1.2 billion by 2017.

On one hand, the continual growing of Chinese internet users supplies a basis and adequate enhancement space for the fast expansion of online training users. Alternatively, domestic on-line education and learning products are acquiring quite quick, ground breaking indicates of study online are coming into current market and providing consumers diversified ordeals, which draws additional customers into their merchandise in return.

source MarketingtoChina Website

Decrease on the internet Greater Training and slack in preschool Education

While it’s lowered slightly within the complete market place, online bigger education’s share however accounts for 50% since the most significant department. Vocational instruction and language learning go on to mature, respectively building up 21.1% and 18.7%. The proportion of start-ups foster elementary education coming to the marketplace is climbing in these years, even though the preschool education department remains reduced and only occupies 0.2% even with probably the most expenditure into it.

Firstly, the Point out Council has canceled or passed-down the best of approval on the internet educated high-degree, which generates development of this current market. On the other hand, for reduced public recognition of on the net increased instruction, iResearch estimates the on the web training customers will not likely register an explosive advancement but instead a slight decrease. Next, there exists an excellent demand for on line vocational instruction and on-line larger schooling, consequently their market will preserve booming. Moreover, the preschool and elementary online education will require furthermore cultivation, on account to your distinguished options of user teams. Capitals and startups pay out certain consideration to them, but their earning cycle may possibly be very long than expected.

It’s important to control visibility over the internet to develop on the net instruction small business. This suggests to be aware of how to endorse the website on the web, the way to increase its visibility, the way to attract potentiel consumers, through the use of Web optimization (Internet search engine Optimisaton), SEM (Internet search engine Promoting), General public Relations and Neighborhood Supervisor.

3 great strategies on the Social Medias in China 3 great strategies on the Social Medias in ChinaComments Off

Today there is more than 600 million internet users in China, and they all use the social Medias, every time. It’s essential to be present in the social media when doing business in China. Here are three great strategies on the social Medias in China.

1.      Using O2O

O2O is a digital marketing strategy that means Online-to-offline. It’s the concept to attract consumers by internet to make them go on te shops. A lot of social Medias use this technic. We find amongt the most active WeChat. IT’s a mobile app which allows its users to send texts messages, vocals messages, photos and videos. It was developed by Tencent in 2011. There is now 468 million users each month. This app is more used than the texts in China. WeChat also allows companies to be in by having a site: like that users can follow this page and be aware of the news of the company. Here we can set up O2O. The company has to describe its products well on the app to allow its followers to know its services. This is a first step which will conduct people in the shops. This strategy is very effective and make themselves known very quickly and by a large number of people, because everything can be shared on a social media and Chinese internet users who like a company will enjoy sharing it with its address book. A lot of companies have already used this strategy. For example, Mont Blanc, pen maker, set up a exposition in Shanghai, and invite all its WeChat followers to come to the exposition. Thereby, all Mont Blanc lovers have been made aware of this event, more quickly than if the company just indicate this event on its websites.



2.      Creating Buzz

Creating buzz is a very used technique, either in digital or traditional marketing. This is the key to be known quickly and by a lot of people. Doing buzz is all about creating something special, unique, new, something that will attract consumers’ attention. The objective is primarily to make people talk about you. And where can you make people talk about yourself quickly and by many people in China? On social networks course. And to be truly effective, all social networks have to be used, as we are sure not to forget interested consumers especially on the Chinese Internet. We must distinguish ourselves from other companies in direct competition, socreate something never seen, surprising. Many Chinese users spend their time on social networks to find new content, something that will change the ordinary to be able to show his friends and share it. For this, Weibo is the best social network. This is a microblogging platform extensively used by Chinese people. Founded in 2009 by Sina, a Chinese company, it brings together a community of 500 million users, 50 million monthly. It is the undisputed platform to disseminate the buzz. Like the O2O, this technique is widely used by companies but also people like Wang Sicong who is very active on Weibo and created a buzz by commenting and by speaking in an original way to people. This technique has made its reputation.


3.      Having a good content

Of course the edited content has to show a good quality. This includes two things: the content has to be true facts, that is to say, good references , verifiable data, and content in Chinese. As for the true content, make sure that what you put on social networks is verifiable and accurate. Chinese high end consumers like the right information because the Chinese Internet is being widely censored by the government and it is sometimes difficult to get fully complete informations. Then it is necessary that the content is in Chinese. This is essential. Many Chinese citizens speak only Chinese, and do not understand English. In addition, for those who speak other languages, it is always nice to have its mother tongue on a site rather than having to translate everything. Chinese content will also be closer to them rather than if that content appears to have been done for the whole world. Another thing to consider: the photos and videos. It’s more comfortable to watch a video or read a text with photographs rather than having to read just a text. It is important, therefore, to add to its page on social networking videos and pictures (the best would be of course translated in Chinese). People are pretty lazy by nature and are more likely to watch a video rather than read a text. This is very visible for advertising campaigns where photos and videos illustrate this campaign.

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China’s new phoenomen: get Smartphones at all costs China’s new phoenomen: get Smartphones at all costsComments Off

4 facts that show that Chinese will do everything to get a smartphone

  1. Sell your Kid

In Tong’an, a young couple was condemned to 3 years of jail after selling their baby on internet. Being in a bad financial situation, with the money of the exchange they wanted to buy a motorcycle and an IPhone. Indeed, a man did buy the new born for 23 000 yuan, to offer it to his sister.

  1. Sell your organs or sperm

Since a few years, more and more Chinese sell their organs because of their financial difficulties, in order to buy Apple products such as IPad or IPhone. In 2011, a Chinese man, Zheng, decided to sell one of his kidney to be able to buy an IPad 2. He found an announce on internet offering 2 700 euros for one kidney. The truth is that the hospital where he get his surgery actually rented surgery blocks to a private company which sells organs on the black market.

Following the same idea, a Chinese sperm bank published an announce on Wechat: “Get a free IPhone 6S in exchange for your sperm!”. Indeed, the price offer for a sperm donation equals the price of the IPhone 6S, between 5 000 and 6 000 yuan. This announce actually bring more than 500 000 visitors to that sperm bank.


  1. A pedestrian way for smartphone addicts

In a few Chinese cities, special pedestrian ways were created especially for smartphones users, like it is the case in Chongqing. Those pedestrian ways are supposed to avoid accident involving people with literary their heads in their screens.

An investigation was carried by National Geographic concerning those pedestrian ways for connected people, it actually revealed ironically, that most individuals didn’t even noticed this new concept.

  1. IPhone for life and Death

China has a strong tradition regarding ancestors and the dead people, with a strong cult of the dead and important funeral ceremonies. The new trend is now to offer IPad and IPhone to be burned during a funeral, to honour the dead.



  1. semseoservices
  5. Chinahush
  7. Maximize social Business
Tencent Buys Google Social Networking Tencent Buys Google Social Networking(0)

Tencent, China’s No.1 online game operator and its largest instant messaging provider, had bought Comsenz, a Beijing-based social-networking provider, Comsenz said in a statement on its website. Comsenz is backed by Google Inc, Sequoia Capital and Morningside Ventures.
Tencent, which bought a 10 percent stake in Russian Facebook investor Digital Sky Technologies (DST) for $300 million earlier this year, could be on the look out for more acquisitions as it seeks to expand its dominance beyond China.

China’s Internet space is becoming more cut-throat as users become more sophisticated and selective over which products and services they use and companies jostle for attention in an increasingly crowded arena.

Source : Konaxis

Video Tudou 50 Million Video Tudou 50 Million(0)

The Shanghai company is the first Internet media company in China to be added to Temasek’s roughly $140 billion portfolio, which includes controlling stakes in some of Singapore’s biggest companies and stakes in two of China’s biggest banks. Temasek invested $35 million in Tudou, which provides streaming online video, including syndicated television shows and user-generated content.

The latest round of fund raising “is for us to expand,” said Gary Wang, chief executive of Tudou, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. The company, which has raised a total of $135 million since its website went live in 2005, will use the money to invest in differentiating its products and services, including creating more original video content and developing the ability to develop mobile applications in-house, Mr. Wang said.

Tudou and are the top online-video websites in China.

The CEO said Tudou, which has an application that works with Apple Inc.’s iPad, is developing applications for iPhones and handsets running Google’s Android operating system. He hopes that all 38 million videos available on Tudou will be available for viewing on its mobile applications within a month, an endeavor that Mr. Wang said requires significant resources.

Source : Konaxis

Chinese SNS: Perish Before Old Chinese SNS: Perish Before Old(0)

The “Perish Before Old” condition of Chinese SNS sites now is a phenomenon. Entering 2010, smaller SNS sites that belong to the first generation of Chinese SNS sites fell down one after another, and on the death list are, and other SNS sites.

The giants are having a tough time of “Growing Pains” too. After experience a fast growth of 60 million registered users in 2008 and 2009 , Kai Xin ( now have found their loyal users are turning away, cancelling their accounts. In the following 10 months after their big leap, there were only 25 million users. It is only the history that their users used to get up in midnight to play their web page games.

Let’s look at the west. Facebook has attracted a total of 500 million registered users, and advertisers have increased their advertisement budget on by at least 10 times in the past year.

According to Hitwise, a market research company, Facebook has topped, winning the title of “Largest Website of the U.S.”. It has also become the largest advertisement publisher, instead of The first quarter market share is 16%, higher than that of the last fourth quarter.

After reading the above, you may be thinking “What have the Chinese SNS sites done wrong?”

One of the most crucial issue is the fact that they lack technical creation

Copying the west looks like an ordinary internet business model, even some of China’s major Internet businesses such Tencent, which is very famous for their ability of imitation in the circle. The are some people that believe “Who copys profits.”

This is more of a working routine now in the world of SNS sites. Both Kai Xin and Renren copy their western counterpart, This is truth.

Let’s wait and see where Chinese SNS sites will head for.

Youku CEO said: ‘Video industry is take off the hat of burning money’ Youku CEO said: ‘Video industry is take off the hat of burning money’(0)

At present, known as “the most money-burning” video industry began to farewell “input without output” state, entered a virtuous cycle stage.

Insiders said a large-scale video website should across at least three “100 million” thresholds to be successful. Currently, Youku, Tudou and Ku6 crossed thresholds.

Zhao Xufeng, senior analyst, said in just four years, the the video industry market size increased from the original 100 million to 1.36 billion, up to 92% compound annual growth rate. It was expected in the next few years, the video industry would continue to maintain the annual growth rate of more than 60%, to 2013, advertising revenues will exceed 10 billion yuan, reaching 10.86 billion.

China accepted WTO ruling allowing joint ventures to distribute music online China accepted WTO ruling allowing joint ventures to distribute music online(0)

The United States once sued China because of it put obstacles on import and distribution of books, music, movies and other entertainment products.

Committing to fulfilling WTO ruling means the Chinese have to adjust its import policy on American movies, audio and video products and books. China is allowed to retain import rights of two Chinese state-owned film distributors, and protect the Chinese government to have a degree of right to censor foreign films without increasing the annual quota of 20 foreign films for import. However, China cannot forbid the United States and other foreign enterprises to export to China movies, music, video games and books, and allow the joint venture to distribute music on Internet.

It is known that starting from 2003, Chinese domestic films at the box office have been beating imported films for 6 years. Market participants believe that, by contrast, audio-visual products may suffer more. Yesterday, reporter interviewed Tai He Mai Tian, in which Song Ke said that China’s future policy changes would not seriously affect the Chinese original recording industry, he also believed that this would do good to the show market.

You Shi net: business SNS minority You Shi net: business SNS minority(0)

When we are still indulged in “stealing vegetables” “grab parking lots” based community, in the United States, a social networking site called LinkedIn is doing business fast, and now covers more than 50% of U.S. white-collar crowd with annual revenues of more than 100 million U.S. dollars.

A guy named Lu Hansen with China and Philippines origins returned to China in 2008 and founded a business networking platform in China – You Shi Net. Different from other sites, You Shi Net is minority of “Real name invitation Membership Fees You Shi currency”

Recently, the reporter was informed You Shi Net got millions of dollars ventures investment. As for the specific amount of investment, Lu Hansen said a big new fund was going to come in immediately, but it was not convenient to disclose details for this moment.

First batch of members are from investment professionals

Before starting this site, Lu Hansen has been successfully established in Canada a very international community sites – WorldFriends, targeting at the cross-cultural network, looking for foreign pen pal, getting travel information and a platform for learning a foreign language.

Lu seems very experienced in how to run the community, as he found his business model before its inception in WorldFriends, not only just selling advertising space, the site also allows users to have a few ways of upgrades with different priority functions: for example, if a user can pay the cost of 24.95 U.S. dollars per month, he can post contact information (such as email, instant messaging, voice and video chat information) to all users; if a user pays 244.95 U.S. dollars a year, he can post contacts and get contacts from all users for free.

YouTube was in secret delegation to enter China; Prospect not optimistic YouTube was in secret delegation to enter China; Prospect not optimistic(0) relevant source disclosed that, about two weeks ago, more than 10 YouTube United States staff visited to discuss matters relating to entering China. In the preliminary negotiation both sides reached the current strategy, YouTube opened special channel at to output huge amount of video resources to user.

Last week, Hulu CEO had a “secret meeting” with a number of domestic video sites leaders including Chairman Lv Wensheng from said he was optimistic about this interacting sharing model of YouTube.

On May 12 announced officially it was issued by the State Council Information Office of the “Internet News Information Service License”, and became the first private video site holding news license. Industry analyst said YouTube selected to indirectly enter China was because was the first private video site with news license, which can avoid some policy risk. But till now, none of these sites was making profit; even the ku6 was in loss, which was backdoor listed at stock market though hurray, therefore, these foreign video sites prospects are not optimistic.

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