Storm formally established media companies

Wu Hai – the company’s media marketing expert, acted as a general manager, and will launch the first product “Internet big horn”. Insiders said the product will be in the form of pop window in storm software client.

According to Storm introduction, the storm media is media management and advertising operations carried out by relying on storm audio-visual, the current storm media has more than 20 team members, mostly of whom are new recruits staff based in magazine advertisements, television advertisements. Storm side believes that the establishment of media companies means that the Storm completely go onto the road of medialization.

But Storm did not disclose the amount of investment in setting up the company, while the first product launched by storm media – “Internet big horn” will also be in the form of client-side pop-up window, pop contents including images and texts. FENG Xin, Storm’s CEO, said the purpose of setting up the media company “is without affecting the applications and content of the Storm, extensively explore the potential media value of Storm.”

FENG Xin said that the medialization process of storm audio-visual was through three stages. The first phase, since Storm was founded in 2007 to December 2007, it has accumulated tens of millions of users by media player applications; second stage, from June 2008 to early 2009, it launched its online video service; the third stage, from early in mid-2009 till Now, clients gradually accepted the content recommendations and extention of media format of Storm.

It is understood that the storm media took Wu Hai as managing director. Wu Hai entered the advertising industry in 1995. Before joined Storm, he was in General Manager position of Tian Yi Hua Media Group.

Insiders believed that after Tencent and Thunder did pop-up window in the client-side software, the storm’s establishment of media company means that it will intensify in the revenue side. And whether such form is able to attract brand advertisers are still subject to market test.


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