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Storm formally established media companies Storm formally established media companies(0)

Wu Hai – the company’s media marketing expert, acted as a general manager, and will launch the first product “Internet big horn”. Insiders said the product will be in the form of pop window in storm software client.

According to Storm introduction, the storm media is media management and advertising operations carried out by relying on storm audio-visual, the current storm media has more than 20 team members, mostly of whom are new recruits staff based in magazine advertisements, television advertisements. Storm side believes that the establishment of media companies means that the Storm completely go onto the road of medialization.

But Storm did not disclose the amount of investment in setting up the company, while the first product launched by storm media – “Internet big horn” will also be in the form of client-side pop-up window, pop contents including images and texts. FENG Xin, Storm’s CEO, said the purpose of setting up the media company “is without affecting the applications and content of the Storm, extensively explore the potential media value of Storm.”

FENG Xin said that the medialization process of storm audio-visual was through three stages. The first phase, since Storm was founded in 2007 to December 2007, it has accumulated tens of millions of users by media player applications; second stage, from June 2008 to early 2009, it launched its online video service; the third stage, from early in mid-2009 till Now, clients gradually accepted the content recommendations and extention of media format of Storm.

It is understood that the storm media took Wu Hai as managing director. Wu Hai entered the advertising industry in 1995. Before joined Storm, he was in General Manager position of Tian Yi Hua Media Group.

Insiders believed that after Tencent and Thunder did pop-up window in the client-side software, the storm’s establishment of media company means that it will intensify in the revenue side. And whether such form is able to attract brand advertisers are still subject to market test.

Sina sales falling Sina sales falling(0)

The company projected Tuesday third-quarter sales will drop as much as 14 percent to $91 million.

China’s economic slowdown in the first half weakened spending by Sina’s customers in the automobile, property and technology industries.

Sina’s second-quarter net income declined 41 percent to $13.3 million, while operating expenses rose to $36.7 million, compared with $29.9 million in the previous three months, Sina said.

Media content and bandwidth costs are still rising faster than revenues, said an analyst.

Source : Konaxis

Feng Xing Video Feng Xing Video(0)

As AdVideo supports geographic, time, video Categories for precise advertising delivery, in July, DYK will choose Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan six areas for key promotions.

AdVideo was launched on Jan. 1 this year, and it is called “TV ads on the Internet,” which is pre-ad placement with both the traditional television advertising trilingual debauchery, essence of a strong impact, and forcing happinesses, anti-interference, easy to monitor-the characteristics of Internet, so that it can display on the screen the ultimate critical definition brand advertisings.

As a result of displaying in 45 seconds buffering time before the delivery which can not be skipped, it has strong attention, also because of its large client video player box, high-definition ad display format, accurately monitoring the effectiveness of your ads, SNS community-based interactivity and closer to traditional television’s target audiences and watch peak, therefore Feng Xin Video attracted many brands advertisers, among them were both foreign brands such as Coca-Cola, Ford, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Nikon, Ya Book, adidas, Swatch, GE, LG , and dometstic brands such as Xi Zhi Lang, Mei Zhi Yuan, Zhu Ye Qing tea, Alibaba, Taobao, Sohu games, China Merchants Bank.

M2B and Baidu announced a strategic partnership M2B and Baidu announced a strategic partnership(0)

The company said in a news conference on the same day that WOWtv site ( was specifically tailored for the Chinese market. Through this site, Baidu search engine user will be able to enjoy many free of charge and legally provided M2B movies, TV series, as well as video on demand programs. All the programs on this site will have Chinese subtitles.

Binnie, M2B World Asia-Pacific CEO and President said that despite the current economic recession, they still see the opportunity to use the fast-growing online advertising market to expand its broadband services. As a result of marketing budgetary constraints, now a growing number of advertisers started to targeted online advertising.

M2B is subsidiary of AMARU which is a listed company. M2B successfully planned Singapore’s first broadband TV services in July 2006.

Schmidt, Google CEO is expecting advertising co-operation with Twitter Schmidt, Google CEO is expecting advertising co-operation with Twitter(0)

There are indications that Google and Microsoft are competing for the provision of advertising services transactions to Twitter. In the first quarter analyst conference call of Google, Schmidt did not disclose the details of the negotiations, but praised highly of Twitter, and expressed its wishes to reach advertising co-operation transactions with Twitter or its competitors, “Twitter proves that the innovation in Silicon Valley did not stop.”

Schmidt pointed out that the problem is how to make use of innovation for income-generating. There are many start-up companies like Twitter, they can be used to release product information, marketing information and other real-time information, and release the text ads or video ads, “I do not know about their strategies, but I think they can use this strategy. We are willing to have co-operations with Twitter and all other similar kind of companies. “

Schmidt said, Twitter’s success is: It indicates that people are willing to communicate, communication can be in many different ways.

Google China Formally Launches New Ad Product Google China Formally Launches New Ad Product(0)

Liu Yun, the newly appointed vice president of Google, says that the company did not pay much attention to the advertisement demand of SMEs in the past, but they will engage the market from now on.

Google AdSense works by registering key words as an advertisement and then placing them on the website of each of Google’s partners so that users can view them when using an online search. Google says that more than one million websites across the world have joined its AdSense network and daily clicks total about 35 billion.

With the launch of this new service, Google has fully joined the fierce competition in the China’s Internet advertisement market that features about 500,000 SMEs.

Source : Chinatechnews

iResearch: New Advertisers Give new Impetus to Sina Online Advertising Service iResearch: New Advertisers Give new Impetus to Sina Online Advertising Service(0)

Sina’s income from online advertising increased 43.2% YOY to 50.1 million dollars. Meanwhile, online advertising income occupies 70.9%, instead of 47.5% in Q1, 2006, of Sina’s total income, which pushed Sina’s online advertising income increased 41.5% to 169 million dollars in 2007.

Income from wireless value-added business decreased slightly with the impact of change of mobile operators’ polices and increase of marketing cost for IVR.

Looking over Sina’s structure of total income, it’s easy to see that online advertising is the main reason for its growth of total income. According to iResearch, the development of Sina’s online advertising business mainly due to following two reasons:

Increase of advertiser amounts

According to latest data from iAdTracker, an online ads monitoring system from iResearch, Sina’s advertiser amount increased significantly, which directly promotes the performance of Sina’s online advertising business.

iAdTracker data shows that Sina’s advertisers mostly concentrated in real estate, automobile and IT product industries. Advertisers from these three industries accounts for 64.1% of all Sina’s advertisers and in keeping growing. Besides, advertisers from financial service, food and decoration industries are increasing rapidly.

Increase of traffic and user stickiness
iResearch believes that the large amount of loyal and sticky users is one of the main reason for the growth of Sina’s advertiser amount. The latest from iUserTracker shows that main channels’, especially blog’s, financial news’s and IT news’s, viewing duration is increasing steadily. iResearch believes that the increase of viewing duration reflects the increase of user stickiness. Increase of traffic and user stickiness provided a solid foundation for Sina’s online advertising business.

China internet business market size China internet business market size(0)

Paid search keeps its market share while image ads declined

Image ad, which accounted for 45.3% of Chinese online advertising market is the main online ad form in Q3 2007, while paid search ranks the second, keeping its share. Image ads and paid search occupy 72.5% of the market, while text link ads, rich media ads, classified ads, email ads and video ads remains relatively low market share. According to iResearch, market share of image ads will decline and paid search¡¯s market share will increase next year. The gap between the two leading ad forms will be narrowed and their leadership will not be threatened in short term.

Since Q1 2006, market share of image ads, text link ads and classified ads trends to be decline while market share of paid search and rich media ads trends to be increase. In Q3 2007, YOY growth rate for Baidu and Google, the two main search engine in China, are both over 100%, becoming a bright spot in China online advertising market. YOY growth rate for three brand advertising based portals, Tencent, Sina and Sohu, were stable at 80%, 30% and 20%.

Enlight Media Merges With Hurray! Enlight Media Merges With Hurray!(0)

The merger was announced today as a new management team for the new company was also unveiled.

Under the new management, Sean Wang, president of Hurray!, works as president and CFO of the new company. Li Xiaoping, vice president of Enlight Media, will work as joint president for the company. While Wang Changtian, president of Enlight Media, takes the position of CEO of the new company and he is also the largest individual shareholder of the new company.

Wang Qindai, CEO of Hurray!, who is said to have participated in the entire process of the planning of the merger, has chosen to withdraw from the business for personal reasons, hopefully with a golden parachute.

As Hurray! has already made some business adjustments before, there reportedly won’t be any staff reduction following this merger.

Source : Chinatechnews

iResearch : Two Factors Promote Growth in Sina’s Online Advertising Business iResearch : Two Factors Promote Growth in Sina’s Online Advertising Business(0)

Online advertising’s proportion of total revenues continuously increased

Since Q2 2005, Sina online advertising’s proportion of total revenues continuously increased. In Q2 2005, the proportion is 44.3% and in Q2 2007, the number increased to 68.9%. In Q2 2007, revenue from online advertising increased 40% year over year, 30% sequentially to US$ 41.2 million. Meanwhile, influenced by China’s wireless value-added market and the reduction of marketing for Interactive Voice Response services (IVR), the downward trend of Sina’s wireless value-added business will not change. Other business revenues decreased 11.1% year over year but increased 23.1% sequentially. The increase mainly came from its search engine business.

According to data from iAdTracker and iUserTracker, there’re two main reasons for the rapid growth of Sina’s online advertising revenue:

The number of advertisers increased 21.8% sequentially

iAdTracker data shows that the number of Sina’s advertisers increase substantially. In Q2 2007, the number of advertisers reached 884, up 38.3% sequentially. The advertisers are mainly from real estate, automobile and IT industries. The increase of advertiser amounts promotes Sina’s online advertising revenue directly.

Continuous increase of traffic and user stickiness

According to iResearch, the increase of Sina’s advertisers is mainly due to two reasons. First, Internet-based economic develops and led to a growing number of advertisers’ marketing strategy leaning to online marketing. Second, Sina has a large amount of sticky users. Data from iUserTracker shows that monthly duration of Sina’s main channels, especially blog, community and financial news, all increased. iResearch believe that the increase of monthly duration reflects the increase of user stickiness. The increase of traffic and user stickiness is a sold foundation for the growth of online advertising business.

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