Baidu Tie Bar launched ‘Baidu Lighthouse’ exploring new ways to profit

This is the first attempt to try interactive marketing, exploring new ways to profit. However, Baidu currently did not disclose the specific details of charges for this product.

According to reports, the lighthouse will be closely working with Baidu tie bar and i tie Bar, to promote delivery, strengthen effects of influence and guide, based on demand of specific user groups.

Turning to the significance of the product launch, Baidu tie bar general manager Shu Xun said, “telling from the global trend, the focus of corporate marketing will be from traditional brand promotion, hot search promotion, step by step to the implementation of customer relationship management – interactive marketing development. “

Earlier, China Mobile’s wireless music Festival “Mi Gu Hui” has already become the first Baidu users to use lighthouse, and in its assistance to gather 180,000 fans in two weeks time.


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