81% spent free time surfing the Internet

Recently, the China Youth Daily through survey sites found out that a survey on 12158 people showed that more than half of the people (54.2%) wanted to spend spare time quietly; 31.1% of people wanted their leisure time can be “slowed” down. Among people surveyed, “80th” accounted for 62.6%, “70th” accounted for 21.4%.

Of course, these people are in minority, more people’s spare time is not like this. In this survey, 81.4% of the people preferred leisure time spent online, 55.9% chose to watch television.

The survey showed that 51.9% thought that the computer would gradually replace the TV; In addition, when chosing only one between computer and TV, 94.1% of the people chose the computer.

Some people joked that with the popularity of the Internet, people who spotted a dozen or so hours of television sitting in the sofa, like potatoes, motionless, would be fewer and fewer, instead there would be “mouse potato” life.


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