China Telecom Will Launch IM Service

Chinese media reports that China Telecom is working on the development and research of the IM software and having China Telecom Information Development Co., Ltd, a holding company of its affiliate Beijing Telecom, to be responsible for the development and operation planning of the new service.

China Telecom might further improve and promote Kuan Le Tong Xin, an IM product which is being tested in Guangdong, but Xu Wenyan, general manager of Guangdong Telecom’s Internet and Value-added Service Department, has denied that the fixed telecom company will promote the IM in such a widespread way as mobile operators like China Mobile and China Unicom have done.

In November 2003, China Telecom commissioned Guangdong Telecom to develop VIM communications system to connect users to fixed phones, Little Smart and even allow mobile phones users to transmit documents and hold telephone meetings.

China Mobile’s IM service is called Fetion, China Unicom’s is named UMS and China Netcom uses MAXIM.

Source : Chinatechnews


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