Zhejiang, university students openning online shops can be clearly identified as business starting

Once identified as starting own businesses, in addition to equal treatment in employment the college graduates can enjoy, they can also enjoy the preferential policies for starting businesses.

According to provisions of the Education Office of Zhejiang Province, college graduates who declare their own businesses should subject to the following conditions: must be a registered by college graduates; to engage in e-commerce (Shop) operating in more than three months; average revenue reach local minimum wage standards; in e-commerce (Shop) running course, credit points reach 1000, and positive rates (the number of transactions received percentage) are more than 98%.

Education Department of Zhejiang Province said that the introduction of the employment policy first is to show that the education sector recognizes college graduates openning online shops to achieve employment. More importantly, all over Zhejiang, as well as all colleges and universities have a number of incentives to award businesses. After online shops openning is classified into business starting, the graduates will be able to enjoy this part of funds support.


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