The trend of online supermarkets

The trend of online supermarkets

With the apparition of Internet, we saw new ways of consumption via the e-commerce. Indeed, now on the Internet you can buy pretty much everything such as books, music, movies, clothes etc.

One sector rather forgotten is the food. Maybe because people get used to go to supermarkets to find products they want. But recently big brands of retailing and new actors open grocery stores online. It’s a new way for them to make business.

5 facts to know about online grocery shopping:

1. Consumers don’t hate online grocery shopping, it’s just that they need time to getting used to it. The success factor is to provide a good user experience, with a nice navigation, an easy search and online help for example. You have to show to you customer that it’s a time-saving experience.

2. The online and offline baskets are different. For example, when you analyze the repartition of goods between online and offline, you notice that is much larger for F&B (food and beverages) with $80 online and $30 offline and for health and beauty purchase with $30 online and $10 offline. Generally, you see a greater mix of products with online shopping.

3. The purchase behaviors and the consumer perceptions are really different if you compare online and offline shopping. Indeed, the experience when you walked into a supermarket and when you surf on the Web. Online, you have to have a guideline to help you make your shopping easy, because generally on the website there are a lot of different options.

4. When you talk about online, all the rules are new. Indeed, it does not matter if you are a big brand physically because everything is different online, the codes, the habits etc. It is thus interesting for small players to try to modify the “game” online.

5. One key success factor online for small and large brands is to make combination online and offline and to provide the best user experience as possible. For example you have to be interactive by using smartphone applications or social media connections.

3 examples of online supermarket in 3 different countries

India: Aaram Shop

AaramShop is an Indian online start-up which has pioneered the concept of hybrid e-commerce. AaramShop is a hybrid online retail platform that enables small independent retailers to get a web-front to their physical store. The company allows customers to provide at local neighborhood stores (kirana); it means grocery shopping, via the Internet. AaramShop links e-retailers with their final customers by shop on web and mobile devices.

The company was founded by Vijay Singh in 2011. Originally serving 162 local shops in Delhi, over 1,900 retailers across 26 cities in India, use AaramShop as their e-commerce platform this year.

How does it work?

Customers use AaramShop’s website or log on using their Facebook or other accounts and create a shopping list or groceries for the products and brands they want to buy. Then, they can choose their nearby kirana from the listing and specify their preferred delivery time. Finally, the company use SMS and e-mail to direct the order to kirana about the order and the time of home delivery.

Visit the store


France : Carrefour

The global strategy of the group of hypermarkets Carrefour is currently turning around the web portal CarrefourOnline. Since 2008, the e-commerce strategy of Carrefour focus on e-commerce as a way to increase sales because many customers use cyber markets to compare brands and prices and buy on- line then get delivered. Carrefour top management decided to focus on e-commerce as 19% of French customers purchase on-line in 2013.

The retail website of Carrefour, CarrefourOnline, was launched in 2008. It was previously named Bookstore. The web portal was created by e-merchant, subsidiary of Pixmania Company. In 2012, the website registered 1.5 million unique visitors a month, which is 50 to 60% more than the year before, for a turnover increasing by more than 50%.

The website offers a certain number of shops, among them beggaries products, fitness, nursery, toys, sports and leisure activities, garden and open air, house and office, electronics and household electrical appliances. CarrefourOnline proposes 8,300 on-line references and specializes around high-tech products.

More information on the website

China : Epermarket

Based on the fact that it’s sometimes really hard to find products from other countries for expatriates, Epermarket which was founded in 2011 launched an online supermarket in Shanghai.

The website is in four languages (German, English, French and Chinese) and provide more than 2000 different products for everybody. Indeed, you can find snacks, fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, wines etc. It’s a win-win situation because the expats community can appreciate all the food that they missed and this is the occasion for chinese people to discover new kind of food.

Their goal is to provide reasonable prices. They also focused on high quality products with an effective warehouse management system for the conservation and the delivery of the products.

From their side, everything is made in order to facilitate your online shopping and enjoy the food that you like.

Discover this online supermarket in Shanghai


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