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Skoda website China Skoda website China(0)

The Skoda eBuy site will allow consumers to complete purchases through a 3D showroom. It will also help them with individualized orders and price inquiry. Buyers can also pay a deposit online through eBuy’s strategic partner, Alipay, an online payment arm of Alibaba.

But analysts questioned whether the site would gain widespread acceptance as consumers are usually more cautious when buying big-ticket items online.

China has become Skoda’s biggest overseas market after Germany last year with combined sales of 59,000 units, a surge of 170 percent from a year earlier. The Czech auto maker owns 200 dealers in 104 cities nationwide.

Source : Konaxis

Su Ning partner with Baidu to open up online shopping Su Ning partner with Baidu to open up online shopping(0)

In accordance with the agreement, Baidu will provide search operations as the core of the package solution program in the future for the existing Suning Appliance B2C businesses. Industry insiders said Su Ning’s move aimed at targeting at growing online shopping market.

Analysts believed that as China’s ecommerce environment had become more sophisticated, consumers became accustomed to online shopping, and the establishment of a huge online shopping business platform and trying of brand new way of communication became another mainstream product sales channels.

Taobao and video sites launched the video shopping site Taobao and video sites launched the video shopping site(0)

According to the relevant source from Ku6, this cooperation is the provision of video support for Taobao, the seller can upload the video of goods to display on Ku6 platform, also embed them into Taobao platform. Tudou, Ku6, Youku, 56 are making related technical preparations. Taobao said the the four video sites in cooperations had the same benefits.

According to the video site that the seller using video technology may be required to pay fees, but the specific amount of charges is still in determinations, and profits will be divided between Taobao and video sites. “But it should not be very expensive, considering the actual consumption level of the seller.” Indicated by Tudou.

56 said, except of video support, they would also provide album video services. “For the majority of net operators, to produce a beautiful video is relatively difficult, even if they are capable of production, it may also be time-consuming and labor-intensive, but taking beautiful photos is very easy.” The service also requires the seller to pay to use.

The partnership is the first time combination for video sites and e-commerce, which has been considered by the industry insiders as an attempt for video sites and TaoBao to look for profit models. But have much attraction the video shopping has to sellers and buyers, still needs market’s ultimate decision

Alibaba registered users in India exceeded 1 million Alibaba registered users in India exceeded 1 million(0)

Over the past 1 year, Alibaba’s international marketplace (www.alibaba.com) attracted more than 40,000 small and medium enterprises in India to register per day, and the number of members in May 2008 increased from about 500,000 to more than 1 million.

Small and medium-sized Indian enterprises currently account for 12% in the total number of registered users of Alibaba international trading market, which makes India the second largest one after the United States in Alibaba international market.

Alibaba CEO Wei Zhe said, “The number of Indian members increased by 138 percent last year, is the second largest provider market after China in Alibaba’s platform. Alibaba in 2009 will be a year of investment and expansion. “

Alibaba plans to expand the depth in markets like the United States, Europe and other overseas markets.

Zhejiang, university students openning online shops can be clearly identified as business starting Zhejiang, university students openning online shops can be clearly identified as business starting(0)

Once identified as starting own businesses, in addition to equal treatment in employment the college graduates can enjoy, they can also enjoy the preferential policies for starting businesses.

According to provisions of the Education Office of Zhejiang Province, college graduates who declare their own businesses should subject to the following conditions: must be a registered by college graduates; to engage in e-commerce (Shop) operating in more than three months; average revenue reach local minimum wage standards; in e-commerce (Shop) running course, credit points reach 1000, and positive rates (the number of transactions received percentage) are more than 98%.

Education Department of Zhejiang Province said that the introduction of the employment policy first is to show that the education sector recognizes college graduates openning online shops to achieve employment. More importantly, all over Zhejiang, as well as all colleges and universities have a number of incentives to award businesses. After online shops openning is classified into business starting, the graduates will be able to enjoy this part of funds support.

Beijing’s first opening of Online Old Shops Beijing’s first opening of Online Old Shops(0)

Throughout the country and even overseas, consumers at home can purchase through the network the authentic “old” products from the capital city.

“What sold in Long-established stores are what to sell on the online shops, and there definitely won’t be “shanzhai version”.” Chen Heming, Vice president of Beijing “Old” products Association told reporters that the current “old” online shops have a total of nearly 3,000 brands of goods for consumers to choose from, which has a coverage of seven industries: food, tea beverages, daily necessities, clothing accessories, handicrafts, health care products, liquor.

It is said that the “Online Old Shops” has a mature electronic payment system, providing a wide range of means of payments. Major cities need 3 days of delivery, small and medium-sized cities nationwide distribution is not more than 6 days.

Life Service sites are popular recently Life Service sites are popular recently(0)

This ranking has been higher than large-scale information like CCTV network, msn Chinese. Word-of-mouth network has also broke the history record for life service e-commerce platforms they represents. The industry insiders said that incresed ranking for these life service site mapped out the warmer domestic economy as well as people’s rising living consumptions.

Communication Director of Yahoo Word-of-mouth,Wang Tong, introduced that at the peak of the financial crisis last year, especially in the lowest real estate market, users of real estate platform also appeared to have divised concerns for information: attention for the new properties, second-hand housing information decreased near 20%, while concerns for rental information maintained the at the high point, a large number of houses backloged for sale and even entered the rental market. “By the end of last year, information about the rental on Yahoo’s Word-of-mouth daily updated more than 1.3 million pieces.”

Alibaba cash reserves reached one billion U.S. dollars Alibaba cash reserves reached one billion U.S. dollars(0)

Alibaba released the news after the first quarter financial report was disclosed. Today its announced financial reports indicated that its revenue for the first quarter was 806,600,000 yuan which was increased by 18.6% from last year’s 680,100,000 yuan;net profit was 253.4 million yuan with a decrease of 15.7 percent for the same period of last year’s 300.7 million yuan.

Ma Yun said that Alibaba’s achievements showed its value, vision and commitment to the mission. “Alibaba has been focusing on the customer’s position, and in the economic winter, our most important task is to help our small and medium enterprises survive the winter.” said Ma Yun.

Wei Zhe, CEO of Alibaba said Alibaba’s achievements proved that the decisions of the company investors to help them achieve the business objectives were correct, and this will bring the win-win-win of worldwide buyers, sellers and Alibaba.
Alibaba’s financial report indicated that when in the world economic recession, more companies made greater use of e-commerce to reduce costs and improve efficiency: As of March 31, 2009, Alibaba’s international and domestic transactions markets had a total of almost 40.3 million registered users, representing a 36 percent increase over the same period last year, and a growth of 6% than that at the end of the previous quarter.

Alibaba and UCWEB are in negotiations for strategic investment Alibaba and UCWEB are in negotiations for strategic investment(0)

The project is currently still in negotiation stage, the amount of money involved may be several million dollars.

News source from the investment community told Sina science and technology, Alibaba Group’s investment companies had launched numerous contacts with UCWEB, intending to inject a strategic investment to the latter. As the project is still in negotiation,the investment details have yet to be finalized.
April 13, Alibaba Group confirmed the formal establishment of an investment management company, the company will focus on the secondary market for investment, in management of more than 2 billion U.S. dollars cash, former CEO of Libra Capital is in charge.

UCWEB is a leader in domestic phone browser market. The former Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun is the company’s investors and board chairman. According to its public information, UCWEB owns more than 70 million users. Repeatedly said Lei Jun, UCWEB might be able to create the Google of China.

The industry believes that this strategic investment can help the two sides respectively: the Alibaba Group, through such a deep cooperation, gains the opportunity to promote its Taobao on UCWEB, and UCWEB can have funds added, as well as assistance from the resources of Alibaba Group to enhance their mobile phone browser market competitiveness.

This afternoon, Alibaba claimed they had not heard the news, UCWEB expressed lack in this knowledge.

Online shopping in China has less Online shopping in China has less(0)

However, the rapid development of the industry is accompanied by “crisis of confidence” issue, because the disputes are arising from the increasing trend of major disputes generated by the lack of good credibility.

Now, to the online shopping of consumers, the only standard reference to the shops is just seller reputation, so naturally some of the illegal sellers used improper means to increase credibilities to trick consumers. Therefore, bad attitudes of shop sellers are common sense, and there even are people earning money by increasing shop popularity. Credulous consumers who were cheated are not few. A third-party platform for the establishment of credibility, or online shopping laws and regulations have been imperative.

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