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Taobao during the National Day holiday Taobao during the National Day holiday(0)

According to Taobao Statistics, during the National Day Golden Week this year, Taobao had an average daily transactions volume close to 0.5 billion yuan, compared with data released by Shanghai Commercial Information Center, Taobao had far exceeded the daily 415 million yuan sales of retail outlets in Shanghai this year.

According to the fresh golden week market monitoring report, during National Holiday, Taobao transactions accounted for 1.4% of national retail sales (570 billion yuan). Observers even believed that online shopping not only became a common part of everyday life, but also provided an adequate consumer motivation for the holiday economy.

Taobao gave a briefing that, flags sold every day during the National Day from Taobao reached 2 million, while cakes, crabs became popular Taobao goods associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival. According to statistics, the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, total moon cakes sold on Taobao were more than 50 million yuan.

Many shops in Taobao played National Day holiday signs. as long as associated with the “National Day”, “parade” and other keywords, it is easy to become Taobao’s best-selling goods. “F-10″ fighter model which participated in the ceremony parade, red flag parade car models, or even T-shirts printed with “the 60th anniversary of National Day” have been snapped up.

Viewing from the distribution channels, Lenovo, HP, Philips and many other major brands promoted “Seconds Kill” activity at Taobao Mall, Lenovo official in charge of the flagship store operations said, compared with the traditional marketing model, people’s interests online were more easily to be transferred, so the traditional network marketing model also needed to keep up with the beats.

Ctrip claimed to in acquisition of travel agencies in 10 touring sites Ctrip claimed to in acquisition of travel agencies in 10 touring sites(0)

Holiday products providers are mainly travel agencies. Ctrip has already started acquiring travel agencies, and in May of this year set up branches in Sanya. Guodong Jie said that Ctrip would continue to acquire local travel agents of 10 sites including Lijiang, Guilin and Sichuan through acquisitions and cooperation, directly providing touring guides, car rental, attraction tickets and other services.

Guodong Jie said that Ctrip holiday business primarily through Internet direct sales model provided products and services, adopting a unified national procurement, management and basic marketing strategies.

Holiday business accounts for about 8% of Ctrip revenues.

Alibaba is planning to recruit 1800 college students to surpass Google Technology Alibaba is planning to recruit 1800 college students to surpass Google Technology(0)

This is also the largest campus recruitment of Alibaba, more than half of the jobs are technical positions. On the job fair site, Wang Jian-Alibaba Group’s chief architect-said Alibaba would continue to build data centers, and its technology would go beyond the existing Google ceiling, to accomplish the real green energy that our predecessors could not do.

Alibaba side said that the Group had been committed to establishing a world-class technical team. “Alibaba database of talents has expanded from 7 to 8 people in 2004 to hundreds of personal at present. In China there are just 3 individuals who have been selected as Oracle ACE Directors, of whom two are in Hangzhou, both in Alibaba. Concerned all talents specialized in database, among top 10 domestic experts, Alibaba has accepted more than half of the top talents and many super talents in database gathered in this place. “

Person in charge of Alibaba Group Human Resource said Alibaba in future must be innovative in e-commerce technology. It is reported that, the large-scale campus recruitment of Alibaba Group will also be in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Xi’an and other places held one after another.

Near 90% online merchants desired to have independent CN domain names Near 90% online merchants desired to have independent CN domain names(0)

In response to this, analysts said, as China’s e-commerce market continued to flourish, merchants using independent web domain names to promote and expand sales has become a trend.

For online merchants, having an independent domain name, it is equivalent to have a separate “house number” that can identify a good store brand, distinguish from other similar e-shops. Moreover, in the Shop promotion process, a simple, unique independent domain name allows users memorize Shops more conveniently and helps bring “repeat” users.

It is known that some domestic well-known C2C e-commerce platforms have succeeded in obtaining CN domain names registration qualifications. The experts said that with China’s Internet market’s continuous expansion, small and medium business online merchants’ demands of independent CN domain names will continue rising, China’s C2C e-commerce market is about to usher in a new stage of development.

Data showed that the growing size of the domestic C2C e-commerce market brought about the homogenization, which makes small and medium business online merchants take the initiative to seek personalized marketing means to achieve “stand out.” And independent domain names are undoubtedly the creation of independent brands, to achieve the best personalized marketing.

Online shops sells October 1 edition of People’s Daily over the years for 60,000 yuan Online shops sells October 1 edition of People’s Daily over the years for 60,000 yuan(0)

The newspaper issued on previous National Days, especially in the “parade” year become an object chased by collectors. People’s Daily on founding ceremony day was rated up to tens of thousands, many people have focused on the newspapers issued on the day of the sixtieth anniversary of the National Day.

It is not unusually to see postings looking for newspapers online and China papers collecting forum specially opened up a special trade zone of “newspapers on sixtieth anniversary of National Day”. How much are People’s Daily on founding ceremony worth? The highest price of online shops selling papers from founding ceremony day to 2008 October “National Day newspaper” is up to 60,000 yuan, with the average unit price of 1,000 yuan for each newspaper. A net user posted the prices of silky versions of People’s Daily on 50th anniversary of the founding ceremony-October 1 and 2, a total of four sets, and the starting prices of one set is 3999 yuan.

Partner with Zhejiang Press Group, Taobao launched the Taobao world Partner with Zhejiang Press Group, Taobao launched the Taobao world(0)

According to Taobao introduction, Taobao world can be a direct reflection of what is happening to consuming fashion on Taobao, covering trends, money saving, consumer experiences in terms of content, and online users participated in the collection of production, deeply fitting online shoppers’ reading habits.

Taobao achieved a transaction of 80.9 billion in the first half of this year, accounting for 1.4% of total retail sales of country’s consumer goods in same period, rose by 0.4 % than last year. Online shopping has increasingly become an important component of social consumer life. “Do not know good or bad, but as a history, it is definitely worth collection.” A Taobao online user purchasing this magazine left such a message.

Alibaba brought online merchants to the Expo Alibaba brought online merchants to the Expo(0)

Contact person of Alibaba Group disclosed yesterday that the company would be stationed in joint Chinese private enterprises of Expo Hall, and select the most dynamic merchant among tens of millions of members across the country, to appear novelly at the Expo. Expo co-curator of Chinese private enterprises Sun Jun believed that the online merchants of private enterprises’ joining in the Expo Hall would be more exciting. Currently, Alibaba B2B has a number of 42.8 million users, while Taobao’s existing registered members are 145 million, and the transaction volume in the first half of this year was as high as 80.9 billion, China’s mainstream consumption and mainstream brands have entered the “online shopping age”.

Alipay credit card payments Alipay credit card payments(0)

Before this announcement, payments allowed were up to 300 or 500 yuan only for each transaction. The payment for higher amounts would require multiple transactions by the cardholders. Now, payments for big purchases can be completed in just one transaction. Six participating banks are currently supporting this payment service, such as: Bank of Communications, China merchants Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, China Everbright Bank, and Bank of China.

Alipay said that about 3,000 vendors of Taobao, its sister company, have been approved to transact big-amount credit card payments. The approved vendors were selected based on Alipay?s strict standards . The vendors? trading payment records were also evaluated by Alipay?s risk control department. The service also avoided the high-risk items such as jewelry and virtual goods.

Like the usual credit card programs, online payments also have equivalent points that card holder can use to redeem some items specified by the credit card company.

Alipay added that they expect more banks, such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Construction Bank to participate in the service.

Alipay customers can securely fund their payments through credit cards, or wire transfer and online transfer from their existing banks.

Source : Konaxis

Alibaba is considering building a B2B joint venture in India Alibaba is considering building a B2B joint venture in India(0)

Wei Zhe said that Alibaba had cooperations with India’s largest B2B media company-Infomedia, who was helping Alibaba to expand customers base in Indian market. There are millions of registered buyers and sellers online trading China goods on Alibaba platform.

Wei Zhe, said: “We are negotiating with them, this will be a joint venture, and Alibaba will not seek to become the controlling shareholder.” Calculated by the number of users, India is Alibabas’s second largest overseas market. Alibaba has 1 million registered users in India.

Doing homeworks for others and get paid through alipay Doing homeworks for others and get paid through alipay(0)

“Summer packages of making others doing homeworks for you, more benefits” “full set of Literature, Math, English, assure correct answers, reliable qualities……”. A lot of popular ads are using the current e-commerce transactions method to open account in Taobao, Dangdang receiving payments through alipay.

In Taobao, Dangdang and other popular sites, a number of “gunmen” opened special accounts to carry out operations on behalf of the clients to write their summer homeworks. Owner named “Cat” opened a trading platform on TaoBao, in summer business operations of writing on behalf of primary and secondary school students. The “Shop” supports three different types of payments of alipay, online banks, onsite banking. The owner said that many “clients” first delivered the homeworks required writing to them and would get a mail when homeworks were ready, written works qualities would be confirmed by clients and later customer would make the payment.” This transaction is more convenient for both sides and the credibility of the transaction is better.” Said the owner.

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