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Alibaba premium membership price Alibaba premium membership price(0)

Alibaba has started offering an entry-level membership for Chinese suppliers called ?China Trust Pass Basic? for Rmb1,688 ($247) a year, about 40 per cent less than its cheapest domestic annual membership package.

Until now, annual membership for a China Trust Pass package ? including basic services such as a standard storefront, a trust rating and priority placement in search results ? cost Rmb2,800.

The changes in the pricing system mirror those made over the past 16 months for premium memberships.

In November 2008, the company began offering in China a ?starter pack? for its ?Gold Supplier? Alibaba premium membership price at a steep discount. In May 2009, this offer was extended to all markets.

The latest step indicates that the company considers its recent experiment of grabbing more market share with cheaper prices has been a success and is adjusting its overall strategy to match it.

The adjustments at the Gold Supplier membership level appear larger than the China Trust Pass ones given the higher membership fees ? the premium package is Rmb50,000 while the Starter Pack costs Rmb19,800.

However, analysts said the latest changes would alter Alibaba?s financial profile because of the much larger user base that would be affected.

The company had 475,422 CTP members as of the third quarter 2009, while there are only 18,611 Global Gold Suppliers.

Source : Konaxis

Taobao launch consumer protection scheme Taobao launch consumer protection scheme(0)

The soon-to-be Taobao protection of consumers rights protection platform after Spring Festival, is the first self-organized e-commerce website platform for interests of consumers. Consumers can self-complete the online complaints and always monitor the progress of complaints in order to be held accountable. Meanwhile, the homepage of the platform will set up a exposure platform, regularly expose bad sellers.

For consumer complaints, Taobao requires the seller respond within 48 hours; If sellers fails to respond before deadline, Taobao consumer rights protection officers will intervene within 48 hours. Taobao promises, all transactions disputes will be processed within 30 days. For sellers who uses more than the pledged delivery time, and who has no response to applications for a refund within 48 hours, the system will automatically refund.

Taobao.com to team up with Hunan TV Taobao.com to team up with Hunan TV(0)

The new company, with a total investment of 100 million yuan ($14.64 million), will produce TV programs related to online shopping and launch a new channel for selling products through the online retailer, said the newspaper.

“The joint venture is our attempt to combine the Internet and television, and find a new way to develop both, ” Jack Ma, founder and CEO of Alibaba Group, the parent company of Taobao.com, was quoted as saying.

The company has jointed forces with Wasu Digital TV Corporation Ltd. earlier this month to develop a TV-based shopping channel, which is expected to be launched in the first half next year, according to the newspaper.

“Taobao.com. is trying hard to reach more potential customers by covering different media platforms,” Cao Fei, an analyst with research firm Analysys International, was quoted as saying.

Taobao.com now has 180 million registered users, accounting for almost half of the 380 million Internet users in China.

Source : Konaxis

Taobao and Hunan Satellite Television co-operation or joint venture company Taobao and Hunan Satellite Television co-operation or joint venture company(0)

According to information sources, on the 29th of this month Taobao and Hunan Satellite TV would hold jointly at Changsha, a major strategic conference, while the content of cooperation may be Taobao and Hunan Satellite TV’s happy shopping to establish joint ventures.

According to sources, many important guests from Taobao, and Hunan Satellite TV, will attend the conference. Alibaba Group Chairman of the Board & CEO Jack Ma, Taobao president, LU Zhao-xi as the representative of the Taobao, while the president of Hunan Satellite TV in Hunan TV Station, Chang-Lin Ouyang, and Hunan Satellite TV chief editor and first deputy director – Zhang Li will also be present.

However, the two sides did not disclose the specific content of this major strategic cooperation. According to “Hunan TV – Happy Shopping – Taobao Cooperation Program” on Internet, Hunan TV is possible to buy its TV shopping – Happy Shopping Taobao joint venture will be called “happy life cross-media (Internet) Co., Ltd. “

According to the program spread out, the joint venture will use television and e-commerce marketing platform for brand licensing, and related movies and television products and programs. These contents will be displayed in Hunan TV shows, happy Taobao e-commerce platform, mobile clients, and other networks.

Taobao did not deny this program, but stressed the strategic cooperation with Hunan Satellite Television was in discussion, and there were many versions of programs of cooperations, so in the end, it was not absolutely to establish a joint-venture with happy shopping.

Alipay confirmed discussing co-operations with Apple Alipay confirmed discussing co-operations with Apple(0)

Alipay and industry institution mobile Internet Great Wall today set up China’s first “wireless creditable business” coalition. Qiu Changheng when communicating with the media did not respond positively to news of cooperation with iPhone (mobile Internet), but he said Alipay indeed was in contact with the Apple.

The background of Apple and Alipay discussing cooperation was that Apple has been working with China Unicom, iPhone is officially sold in China. According to introduction, App Store abroad accepted mostly credit card payments, but in China credit card payment is not popular, Apple also noticed this problem, so it hoped cooperation with Alipay would resolve their payment problems.

QIU Chang-heng said that at present, Alipay have emerged at App Store, which was “the first payment method for Apple mobile phones”. On the other hand, App Store Web site has also released Alipay mobile client end and available for free download, which means Alipay application has got Apple approval.

According to Qiu Changheng the current mobile Alipay payment application was completely developed by independent team, and the only connection with computer terminal Alipay team is the “accounts system are totally connected”. Qiu Changheng believed that if mobile payment wanted a great development, the most critical two factors were open and credibility.

Taobao allied with Hua Shu group to push China TV version shopping sites Taobao allied with Hua Shu group to push China TV version shopping sites(0)

The two sides will cowork in fields such as Taobao TV shopping, digital products, mobile phones Taobao, word of mouth network services to carry out all-round cooperations, and Hua Shu group will introduce customized TV version Taobao shopping.

According to introduction, the two sides are planning to use Hua Shu digital TV products multi-platform coverage advantages, providing TV digital ecommerce to TV audiences. It was expected that in the first half of 2010, Hua Shu digital TV will launch customized Taobao TV page, and television viewers will just need to use the remote control, to shop on Taobao.

Similarly, as the Great Taobao’s information service website, Kou Bei Net are ready to work with Hua Shu 96345 Hangzhou comprehensive convenience services, sharing and complementing each other in the information resources, portal resources, service resources, advertising resources and other areas to achieve mutual benefits and win-win situation objectives.

This is another large cross-platform development of Great Taobao strategy. On the same day, in Hangzhou Taobao announced a second major strategic commercial distribution, developing “Taobao Partner Program” including logistics, marketing, channels etc.

Cao Qiang, president of Hua Shu media group, said the strong-strong unions of Taobao and Hua Shu, will complement each other in the platform, content and user aspects. TV version Taobao will even become the first innovative model combined with e-commerce and next-generation digital TV technology.

Deputy Director of State Administration of Radio and TV – Wang Lian said earlier that the Internet, wired network, wireless network “3 Net integration” was a trend, and would be the “next-generation radio and television network (NGB)” important component. Analysts believed that Taobao’s entry into the field of television was one of the largest cross-media, cross-industry, cross-platform strategies of Taobao, which means a greater strategy and planning began to deploy.

3D Shopping Community 3D Shopping Community(0)

Prior to this, Taobao has confirmed they would launch the 3D shopping social networking products- “Tao Hua Yuan” by the end of this year.

During Zou Guo-Qing attending 2009IT two sessions, he told Sina science and technology, the new eggs China planed to launch 3D shopping community in the first and second quarter of next year. Zou Guo-qing revealed that at present the preparatory work for this product was close to maturity, the next step was to adjust the associated IT infrastructure.

“In fact, we have done this in the United States,” Zou Guo-qing said the new egg product-based network has developed 3D products display technology very early. Zou Guo-qing said he brought in these technologies in the earliest time, mainly taking into account the bandwidth and server issues, hastily introduced the techonoly might be greatly harmful to user experience.

Zou Guo-qing told Sina science and technology, the performance of new eggs in China this year rose almost six-fold. “I slowed down it deliberately, in fact it is possible to do 7-8 times,” Zou said that the current new eggs was still in learning, accounting for less than the overall market share of 1.3%, later on there were much rooms for development.

Alibaba Q3 net profit declines 20% Alibaba Q3 net profit declines 20%(0)

Alibaba.com posted a net profit of 236 million yuan ($35 million) for July-September versus a restated 296.6 million yuan a year earlier.

That beat an average analyst expectation of 222 million yuan profit, according to Thomson Reuters.

Alibaba.com said the lower net profit was the result of an increase in investment in technology and human resources.

Web commerce in China has surged in recent years, as buyers look to the Internet for better deals from more reliable suppliers in China’s highly fragmented retail sector.

Buying of goods by businesses from other businesses (B2B) reached a transaction volume of about 2.3 trillion yuan in 2008, according to Analysys International.

Alibaba.com’s revenue grew 32.1 percent as net additions to its premium fee-paying service, China Gold Supplier, rose 175.2 percent.

Source : Konaxis

China’s Taobao fights piracy China’s Taobao fights piracy(0)

The remarks came as Bestseller Fashion Group announced it would open a flagship store for its popular Danish clothing brand Jack & Jones on Taobao, which is owned by Alibaba Group.

Taobao lets users sell items at auction or in online retail stores. It reported a transaction volume equivalent to US$11.8 billion in the first half of this year, nearly twice the volume from one year earlier.

Taobao has closed hundreds of member shops for selling knock-off items this year, a step up in enforcement from the past, said Liu Ning, an analyst at Beijing research company BDA.

Taobao chief financial officer Daniel Zhang has said the company aims to expand abroad in the long term but that it is currently focused on introducing more foreign brands to its China platform. A group of Alibaba Group senior executives visited the U.S. earlier this year to discuss potential partnerships with companies including eBay, Google and Amazon.com.

Source : Konaxis

Alibaba buy China Civilink Alibaba buy China Civilink(0)

According to Alibaba.com, the acquisition is expected to be complete by the end of the year, after which, HiChina will become Alibaba?s subsidiary while keeping its own brand name and operations.

Alibaba.com said that HiChina’s line of services will become part of Alibaba.com’s information technology business unit, which is focused on providing small businesses with assistance on hardware, software and Internet services issues.

HiChina founders, which retain 14.76% in the company, have the option to sell their remaining stake to Alibaba.com over the next three years for an additional $15.31 million in cash, dependent upon HiChina reaching certain performance targets.

Founded in 1996, HiChina has more than 550 employees and provides web, server and email hosting, website development and domain name services. A majority of HiChina’s more than 200,000 customers do not overlap with the existing Alibaba.com customer base, said the announcement.

Actually, Alibaba.com will be buying the controlling interest in HiChina of SYNNEX Corporation, a leading international business process services company. SYNNEX is selling its controlling interest in HiChina Web Solutions in accordance with its overall strategy of focusing on synergistic expansion of its core competencies and services offerings to benefit its customers and OEM partners within existing and adjacent target markets.

Founded in 1999, Alibaba.com Limited is a global leader in business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce and the flagship company of Alibaba Group that makes it convenient for millions of buyers and suppliers around the world to do business online.

Source : Konaxis

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