Alibaba for the first time carry out overseas acquisitions to enter the U.S. market

This is the first overseas acquisition carried out since the establishment of Alibaba. Alibaba claimed the acquisition was a substantial deployment into the U.S. market.

Located in Silicon Valley, California, Vendio Company has 11 years experiences in online retail services, currently helping more than 80,000 independent online B2C retailers sell products by eBay, Amazon with more than 2 billion U.S. dollars transactions.

According to Alibaba disclosure, after Vendio was acquired, it would be integrated into Alibaba “global express sale” in order to help “Made in China” to enter the U.S. consumer market as online express train.

Alibaba CEO Wei Zhe commented the docking of platforms would attract more than 80,000 quality buyers and potential purchasing client base.

It was said that this acquisition would end in July 2010 and Vendio would keep its brand, business and team.


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