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China’s First Mobile Phone Film Industry Zone Heads For Chengdu China’s First Mobile Phone Film Industry Zone Heads For Chengdu(0)

Chen Weiming, president of Zonbo Media, has told the local media that their plans for building the mobile phone film industry base has been approved by Chengdu Municipal Government, and it is designed to be a standard production site for mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone films, mobile phone games, cartoons, accessory components suppliers and operators.

However, Chen has not disclosed the detailed amount to be invested on the project.

At present, there are up to 600 million mobile phone users in China. This is deemed to be a great potential for China’s mobile phone film industry.

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Actions Promotes Music Downloads In China Via Concert Actions Promotes Music Downloads In China Via Concert(0)

Actions will collaborate with its content partner for the concert. The show will encourage the public to buy or download licensed music content and feature artists such as Jay Chou, one of Greater China’s most popular singers.

Actions’ downstream brand name customers such as Onda, Uppo, Aemape, Funtwist, OWL and Transcend will also participate in the event.

“Actions is pleased to continue collaborating with in providing its customers value-added services, such as music content and promotional events, in addition to its extensive SoC technology support services,” commented Nan-Horng Yeh, CEO of Actions Semiconductor. “We are excited to increase our downstream customers through our content integration partnerships.”

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China Mobile Implements Energy Saving Strategy For Outsourcing China Mobile Implements Energy Saving Strategy For Outsourcing(0)

China Mobile’s president Wang Jianzhou previously presided over a meeting in which he asked that resource utility be improved in the field of mobile communications to ensure the work on energy-saving and emissions control to be fully implemented.

The requirements that China Mobile has raised for network system equipment and complementary equipment manufacturers include reducing the quantity of materials used for equipment, reducing the weight of each piece of equipment, increasing equipment’s integration capacity and lowering equipment’s power costs.

So far, 15 manufacturers have signed a strategic partnership with China Mobile on what is called the Green Initiative. They are Alcatel, Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia-Siemens, AIR-SYS Refrigeration Engineering Technology Company, Emerson Network Power, Harbin Coslight Group, Jiangsu Shuangdeng Group, Comba, Mobi Antenna Technologies (Shenzhen) Company, China GrenTech, Wuhan Hongxin Telecommunication Technologies Company, Zhongli Technology, Zhongtian Technology Company and Delta-CIMIC Electronics Company.

Source : Chinatechnews

Online Gaming Pushing’s Revenue Even Higher Online Gaming Pushing’s Revenue Even Higher(0)

Dr. Charles Zhang, chairman and CEO of Sohu, commented, “We are excited about the way the fourth quarter is shaping up, with on-track advertising business and a stronger than expected performance by TLBB. We believe that this is a direct result of our continued focus on the development of our core technological strengths and advancements. Fueled by the increased contribution from our online games business, we are able to further reinvest strategically into our technology and our portal business so as to continue to create and enhance shareholder value.”

Sohu is raising its guidance for the fourth quarter of 2007 for total revenue, which is now expected to be between US$55.5 million and US$57.5 million, an increase of US$2 million over previous guidance, with advertising revenue guidance unchanged from previously reported estimates of US$31 million to US$32 million, but with non-advertising revenue now expected to be between US$24.5 million and US$25.5 million, an increase of US$2 million over previous guidance.

The revised non-advertising guidance results from stronger than expected performance by Sohu’s online game Tian Long Ba Bu. On November 1, 2007, Sohu successfully launched its second expansion pack of TLBB. Peak concurrent users of the game have exceeded 500,000. Although TLBB is experiencing robust growth to date, Sohu anticipates the game to mature starting first quarter of 2008. Sohu now estimates that non-GAAP fully diluted earnings per share for the fourth quarter of 2007 will be between US$0.36 and US$0.38, an increase of US$0.03.

Source : Chinatechnews

iResearch: Online Travel Booking Market exceeded 600 Million RMB for Q3 iResearch: Online Travel Booking Market exceeded 600 Million RMB for Q3(0)

iResearch believes that the impact of golden week holidays was notable and the adjustment of Labor Day Golden Week next year will be bound to impact the development of online travel booking market.

Ctrip expands revenue share and Mangocity accelerates development
Ctrip continues expands its market share of revenue, reaching for 57.0%, while eLong’s market share decreased to 13.8%. Some smaller operators, such as manggocity, gained rapid growth relying on abundant tourism resources.

According to iResearch, online travel booking is closer to traditional industry compared to other internet industries and has more demands of offline resources.

Adjustment of Golden week impacts online travel booking market
After studying the market size and operators development, iResearch thinks that air ticket, hotel reservations and holiday, especially long-term holiday, products booking increased significantly during Golden week. In 2008, shorten of Labor Day Golden Week will have great impact to operators relies heavily on long-term holiday products, especially abroad travel products. Their revenues will be decreased due to the adjustment. While to the whole industry, the adjustment will decrease the revenue proportion of holiday products. And the air ticket and hotel booking market will be more monopoly.

iResearch advises that Chinese online travel booking operators adjust their product subject, enrich short-term products to face the adjustment of Labor Day Golden Week. According to iResearch, though the adjustment of Golden Week will have certain impacts to the whole industry, operators still have a buffer period to optimize product structure and improve profit ability due to the coming of Olympic Games. Generally, China online travel booking industry will maintain a steady and rapid growth.

Western Union Offers Cash Payment For Google AdSense Subscribers In China Western Union Offers Cash Payment For Google AdSense Subscribers In China(0)

The program will benefit AdSense publishers in numerous ways. By choosing to receive payments via Quick Cash, they can receive their funds in U.S. dollars or, at most Western Union Agent locations in the participating countries, local currency. In addition, subscribers will not need bank accounts to receive funds. And by choosing to receive their funds at a participating Western Union Agent location, they can cut down on the bank fees and long clearing times associated with depositing checks.

The Google AdSense advertising program enables website publishers to serve Google AdWords text, image and video ads that are targeted to their website’s content. When visitors to the site click on the ad, the AdSense publisher earns revenue.

Before the launch of this program, website publishers using Google’s AdSense program received payment via paper check or electronic funds transfer into a bank account. Now, subscribers in Argentina, Chile, mainland China, Colombia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines and Romania can receive payment in cash at a participating Western Union Agent location. In most cases, funds are available to the receiver the same day they are sent.

Source : Chinatechnews

Number of Chinese Online Shopping Users 2001 to 2010 Number of Chinese Online Shopping Users 2001 to 2010(0)

After rapid growth in the initial period, the growth of the nuber of shoppers slowed down. By the end of 2006, the total number of shoppers in Chinese online shopping market was 43.1 million, increasing by 32.6% than that of last year. The number is predicted to reach 100 million in 2010.

Learn more about online banking industry in China please read iResearch China Online Shopping Market Research Report 2006. Prepares For Hong Kong Listing Prepares For Hong Kong Listing(0)

Mo says that has set up branches in 75 cities across China, and it plans to bring the number to 100 by next year. According to Mo, in the past three years, the business revenue and profit of have both increased by over 100% annually and this growth is expected to continue.

As’s business spans the two popular industries of real estate and Internet, the listing of is believed to bring great impact to both industries. Established in 1999, has received venture capital investment from IDG, Goldman Sachs, Trader Classified Media and Telstra. At present, Telstra is the largest shareholder of

Source : Chinatechnews

No News Is Good News For Tom Online No News Is Good News For Tom Online(0)

Local media discloses Tom Online’s adjustment is made to coordinate with the future planning of the products on its website. It will still reportedly continue to invest in products with great competitiveness and focus on the integration of trans-industry products and services.

Tom Online is a service of Tom Group. Because of the decline of its core telecom value-added service, in September this year, Tom Group spent HK$1.57 billion on having itself privatized and had it withdrawn from Hong Kong and the U.S. markets.

That lack of competitiveness is a reason for Tom Online’s abandoning of the news portal business

Source : Chinatechnews

Number of Online Photo Album User in U.S. 2004-2010 Number of Online Photo Album User in U.S. 2004-2010(0)

It is predicted that in the next few years the user size would maintain the steady growth. In 2005 the user number of OPA accounted for 29% of the total number of the netizens in U.S.

Learn more about online banking industry in China please read iResearch China Online Photo Album Market Research Report 2006.

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