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VODone Establishes Strategic Partnerships With Doubleclick VODone Establishes Strategic Partnerships With Doubleclick(0)

Advertisers of VODone will be able to have a reliable source of information to monitor the effectiveness of advertisements placed through VODone BUS and understand the responses and habits of page viewers.

The preferred advertisements will be delivered to web browsers to increase exposure and revenue while expanding consumer traffic. The agreement will further enhance the effectiveness and ability TMD2 to target advertisers and increase adspend in the form of video clips, text links, ad banners, badges or buttons on the VODONE BUS platform.

Commenting on the agreement, Dr. Zhang Lijun, chairman of VODone, said in a prss release, ‘We are pleased and excited about our agreement with DoubleClick as we enter the next phase of our development as a leading Internet video broadcasting platform. We anticipate that by establishing this additional strategic partnership that we will further strengthen our competitive edge. The strategy will increase the number of advertisers using the VODone BUS platform, boost consumer page views and expand traffic flow where advertisements using VODone BUS are shown. The increase in advertisers, accuracy of audience preferences and precision will all serve increase overall revenue to the Group.’

Source : Chinatechnews

Chinese Mainland’s Internet Population Tops 200 Million Chinese Mainland’s Internet Population Tops 200 Million(0)

CNNIC’s data shows that by December last year, there were 163 million broadband users and 50.4 million wireless users in China.

Based on CNNIC’s previous statistics, China saw an increase of 25 million Internet users in the first half of 2007 and 48 million new Internet users in the second half of the year. This means that there were about 200 new Internet users every minute in the second half of 2007.

Source : Chinatechnews

Ministry Of Culture: Licenses For Chinese Internet Cafes Is Bad Rumor Ministry Of Culture: Licenses For Chinese Internet Cafes Is Bad Rumor(0)

it was reported in the last day that licenses would be opened for new netcafes throughout China. At present, the approval procedure will still be implemented in accordance with the ‘Notice on Further Enhance the Management of Internet Cafes and Online Games’, which was jointly launched by 14 administrations at the beginning of last year.

The Ministry of Culture’s focus for the last year was on preventing minors from entering netcafes. Considering the supply and demand of the market, the Ministry decided not to increase the total number of internet bars in 2007 and ordered local governments not to approve new internet bars. The Ministry will announce the total quota and arrangement of netafes annually and it has not decided whether to open license applications in 2008.

License applications for netcafes has been stopped for a year, which makes the price of netcafes increase greatly. Many years ago, applying for a license needed less than RMB500. However, the price of netcafes has reached more than RMB1 million in some places, such as Shanghai, Guangdong, Anhui and Shanxi.

According to a survey by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, by last year, there are more than 1,400 netcafes in Beijing. The average annual income of those bars was more than RMB1 million, and bars with 300 computers can earn more than RMB4 million each year.

At the same time, the number of netcafes will affect the entire industrial chain. A representative from Kingsoft tells local media that netcafes are important channels for online games. According to a survey of, about 60% of gamers play online games in netcafes. Therefore, the increase of netcafes will bring benefits for the online game industry.

Source : Chinatechnews

SK China CEO Joins Google SK China CEO Joins Google(0)

In the past six years, Liu has been working as CEO and president of SK China. After joining Google, he will be based in Beijing and responsible for the company’s sales and channel services in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Liu will take the duties from Zhou Shaoning, who resigned from Google as global vice president.

Source : Chinatechnews

Ban Will Be Lifted For Chinese Internet Cafes Ban Will Be Lifted For Chinese Internet Cafes(0)

The new license approval procedure will be more convenient and the government will provide more preferential policies to encourage and support the development of the netcafe industry, particularly the development of franchised or chain netcafes. No specific date has been set for the resumption of these policies.

In early 2007, 14 Chinese ministries jointly issued a circular, asking that no further netcafes be approved. The resumption of the netcafe license approval process should be a boon to retailers and computing manufacturers who service that sector.

Source : Chinatechnews

Proportions of Global Email Accounts Proportions of Global Email Accounts(0)

In 2006, 70% of global e-mail box accounts are mail box accounts provided by mail service providers via WEB pages, 27% of them are mail box accounts provided by enterprise self-established mainframes, and 3% of accounts belong to enterprise mail box products provided by enterprise mail box providers.

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China Sports Going Wireless With KongZhong China Sports Going Wireless With KongZhong(0)

Under the agreement, KongZhong and CSIG will become strategic partners and jointly explore business opportunities for developing sports-related content for mobile phones, including wireless value-added services and wireless Internet sites.

Nick Yang, president of KongZhong, said, ‘We are happy about the strategic alliance with CSIG. The year 2008 is China’s Olympic year and sports year. As people increasingly use their cell phones to enjoy their favorite sports, cooperation between CSIG and KongZhong can provide China’s over 500 million cell phone users with easier access to sports-related content through their cell phone screens. We expect this strategic alliance to generate fruitful results for both CSIG and KongZhong in 2008 and future years. We also expect to enter into additional cooperative relationships with other players in the sports industry to develop our wireless value-added services and wireless Internet business in the 2008 Olympic year.’

Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange of China, CSIG is China’s largest public company in the sports industry and has the General Administration of Sports of China as its dominant shareholder. CSIG’s business activities include organizing commercial sports tournaments, operating sports arenas and fitness centers, selling sports apparatus and goods, and more.

Source : Chinatechnews

Netease Begins Constructing R&D Center In Hangzhou Netease Begins Constructing R&D Center In Hangzhou(0)

Netease’s R&D Center in Hangzhou will mainly focus on the development of such Internet technologies as computer games and blogging services as well as the operation of new products. Ding Lei, CEO of Netease, says that Netease will form a development team of 3000-4000 people in the coming three to five years and this will make the Hangzhou R&D Center the largest one for the company.

In June 2007, Netease set up a network company and a research institute in Hangzhou.

Source : Chinatechnews

Active Account Number of Some OPA Operators in China 2006 Active Account Number of Some OPA Operators in China 2006(0)

These data were obtained through industry interview, users survey and the results monitored by iUserTracker of iResearch. The active account refers to the account being logged on once or more in a month. The Netease OPA is far leading with its 10 million active accounts; the next to it was followed by QQ OPA and Yahoo OPA.

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Number of Active Free E-mail Accounts in China 2004-2010 Number of Active Free E-mail Accounts in China 2004-2010(0)

Among domestic free mail service providers, Netease, Yahoo and Sina had comparatively larger percentage of users.

Learn more about email market in China please read iResearch China Email Market Research Report 2006.

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