China’s first cultural media industry fund is in operation; 2 billion yuan collected

CMC’s principal initiator and investor parties have strong financial investment and background of the media industry, including the Shanghai Oriental Culture Industry Investment Co. held by Shanghai Oriental Media Group Limited (SMG, the original Shanghai Media Group), Guo Kai financial limited co., subsidiary of China National Development Bank, Shanghai Dazhong Public Utilities (Group) Co., Ltd. held by Shanghai Volkswagen Group, Shenzhen Tian Zheng Capital Equity Investments Limited, subsidiary of China Merchants China Fund Investment Co., Ltd., Wenhui Xinmin United Press Group, the broadband capital and other institutions.

It is known that the agency will focus on restructuring in the field of culture and media, industry consolidation and innovations, self-positioning to be strategic investors to promote the development of domestic cultural industries across; At the same time the Fund will be committed to the “Chinese culture going out” by using the means of capital to get involved in the international media market, building Chinese global media investment and operation platforms.

Specifically, the fund will focus on providing growth capital, corporate restructuring, management buyouts and other market-oriented financing.

Li Ruigang said earlier that the current assets value of Chinese media had been seriously underestimated, and only the capital market could find all of its internal value and market potentials.


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